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Stagg Pour-Over Kettle Matte Black 1L

By Fellow


Beautifully functional slow pour kettle for more control and a better tasting coffee

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Beautifully functional slow matte black Stagg pour-over kettle for more control and a better tasting coffee

The matte black Stagg pour-over kettle by Fellow is designed with a better coffee in mind. True coffee fans will recognise that a slow, accurate pour is crucial from a pour-over brewing perspective to ensure a well-rounded, full-bodied cup of coffee.

The purpose of pour-over is to continuously replenish the water around your coffee grounds. This way new, fresh water is constantly coming into contact with your coffee and will coax out many more flavour profiles.

The Stagg pour-over kettle features a brew-range thermometer so that you can control the temperature of the water precisely. Plus, the precision pour spout and counterbalanced handle improve the quality of control.

So to kick your brewing up a notch, enjoy experimenting with the intuitive steady pour Stagg kettle and achieve a great-tasting coffee every time.

Key Features:
– Counterbalanced handle
– Precision pour spout
– Brew-range thermometer
– High grade stainless steel

– Materials: 304 18/8 stainless steel, BPA-free plastic
– Volume: Max fill line holds 1 litre
– Weight: 900g
– Compatibility: For use with gas and electric hobs. NOT compatible with induction.

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