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Eye-catching gravity-defying levitating planter with a sustainably sourced minimal oak wood base

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Eye-catching gravity-defying levitating planter with a sustainably sourced minimal oak wood base

Give your favourite house plants a new home in this incredibly stylish, levitating planter. The Lyfe Planter from Flyte uses a maglev technology that not only keeps the geometric planter in the air but keeps it on a constant rotation. Maglev uses a magnet within the planter that then pushes up against an electromagnetic design, held within the base. This constant movement of the plant not only looks great, but also benefits it with nutrient absorption through the leaves. Air plants, in particular, thrive when grown in the Lyfe Planter with the microclimate naturally nurturing the plant.

The twelve-sided geodesic planter has been crafted from silicone, making it good looking, durable and tactile. To avoid any over-watering, Flyte has designed the planter with an intuitive drainage system that allows water to pass to a secret reservoir.

Designed by Flyte in Sweden, both the geometric planter and block have been crafted with minimalist, Scandinavian elegance. The Lyfe Planter suits many varieties of decor and location; from the living room to the bedroom. Simply place the planter towards the middle of the base, resistance will then be met. Slowly let go of the planter and the maglev technology will begin to naturally rotate the planter.

Key Features:
– Elegant levitating and rotating planter
– Uses maglev technology
– Allows air plants to thrive with nourishment
– Twelve-sided geometric planter
– Clean and minimal oak block
– Planter features a secret reservoir to avoid any spillage when watering

– Materials: Silicon, oak
– Base dimensions: 15.3cm (W) x 15.3cm (D) x 3.8cm (H)
– Planter dimensions: 10cm (W) x 8cm (H)
– Weight: 1.3kg
– Plug information: Comes with a UK three pin adapter

Additional information

Weight2.64 kg
Dimensions31.3 × 20.2 × 13.9 cm