Skerton Ceramic Coffee Mill Grinder
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Skerton Ceramic Coffee Mill Grinder

By Hario

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Lightweight and portable coffee grinder with a fully adjustable grind system for you to tailor to your brew type

The Hario Ceramic Coffee Mill remarkably combines a compact portable size without sacrificing on function. It is designed with a fully adjustable grinder. This means you can set it to a coarser grind for cold brew or to a finer grind for espresso with ease. As well as allowing you to discover your favourite grind for your go-to coffee of choice.

The burr aspect of the grinder is crafted with a ceramic design that adds both longevity and a more precise grind. The manual turning mechanism is easy to use with a silicone lid keeping the beans held during the grind process. The body of the grinder is designed with high-quality glass.

Key Features:
– Manual coffee grinder
– Portable and practical size
– Fully adjustable grind settings
– Ceramic burr provides a precise grind
– Silicone lid keeps beans secure during grind process
– Glass body
– Materials: Ceramic, glass, silicon
– Dimensions: 23.1cm (H) x 17.2cm (W)
– Capacity: 100g of beans
– Care instructions: Dishwasher safe

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