OneStep Plus i-Type Bluetooth Camera
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OneStep Plus i-Type Bluetooth Camera

By Polaroid Originals

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Revolutionary Instant camera with 6 unique camera modes and Bluetooth® connectivity
Despite the traditional Polaroid aesthetic, the OneStep Plus is a huge technological upgrade on its predecessor. It delivers an instant camera of the future full of innovative functionality. Bluetooth compatibility gives you enormous control over the shots you take. It includes, creative tools allow you to easily use double exposure and light painting features, plus get next-level control with remote trigger and an all-encompassing manual mode.
As well as having a high-quality standard lens, it also comes with the addition of a creative portrait lens. With a powerful flash and a long-lasting chargeable battery, you’ll be able to successfully shoot anywhere, at any time. Just make sure you have plenty of film to experiment with this versatile and innovative instant camera.
Key Features
– Traditional Polaroid aesthetic
– Easy to use function and buttons
– High-quality standard and portrait lenses
– USB rechargeable battery
– Bluetooth connectivity with Polaroid app
– Compact size for parties or travelling
– Contains six creative tools controlled by Bluetooth connected app
– Tripod mount at the base of the camera
– Neck Strap and USB charging cable included
– Materials: High performance lithium-ion battery (1100mAh), Polycarbonate + ABS plastics
– Dimensions: 15 cm (L) x 11.1 cm (W) x 9.7 cm (H)
– Weight: 463g
– Compatible film: 600 Film and i-Type film
– Lenses: Optical grade polycarbonate lens, coated
– Shutter system: Custom design using precision step motor
– Standard lens focal length: 103mm
– Portrait lens focal length: 89mm
– Flash System: Vacuum discharge tube strobe

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