Kuchoma Barbecue Grill
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Kuchoma Barbecue Grill

By Primus

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Lightweight, compact barbecue grill designed to be easy to transport without compromising any cooking functionality or performance

The Kuchoma from Primus is the ultimate on-the-go BBQ for anybody wanting to grill whilst travelling. Be the envy of the campsite as you whip out this majestic, minimal grill. Primus have designed the Kuchoma to be as light and compact as possible, so much so you can even stow it in a backpack whilst on an adventure.

The grill itself features a non-stick surface that is easily removed for easy cleaning. You also have the ability to cook with both direct and non-direct heat, ensuring you have total control over whatever you might be cooking. To Kuchoma is compatible with smaller propane canisters such as 100g, 230g or 450g gas canisters, usually used for smaller hiking stoves, which means it can be easily transported anywhere.

Key Features:
– Lightweight and compact
– BBQ style design
– Easy to maintain
– Non-stick surface
– Compact fold-out design
– Can cook with direct and non-direct heat

– Materials: Stainless steel, brass, oak
– Dimensions: 44.8CM (W) x 15.6cm (D) x 30.6CM (H)
– Weight: 4.5kg
– Canister compatibility: Gas not included. Compatible Primus own brand canister gas in 100g, 230g or 450g (recommended Primus Power Gas or Primus Summer Gas).  For other compatible gas canisters, look for LP gas with a screw top configuration. Other brands include Coleman, MSR, and Optimus. For optimum performance, choose gas with a combination of propane, iso propane and butane. LP gas has a high energy content, i.e. in relation to heat output by weight. Gas in a gas cartridge is compressed to liquid form in a ratio of 250:1 to its original volume. Gas is preferable at extreme altitudes as it still combusts well despite the shortage of oxygen. Gas is a simple and easy choice. No pumping or priming is required and combustion is completely odourless and soot-free. In most countries, you can return gas containers when you buy new ones. Empty containers can also be recycled for their metal. SAFETY TIP: when finished using the stove, we suggest you completely detach the gas.

Additional information

Weight5.44 kg
Dimensions51 × 33 × 18 cm