Onja Dual-Burner Stove
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Onja Dual-Burner Stove

By Primus

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Brilliantly compact dual-burning travel stove with a handy oak lid that also doubles as a chopping board

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Brilliantly compact dual-burning travel stove with a handy oak lid that also doubles as a chopping board

The dual burning Onja stove is the most compact double burning stove in the Primus range. Thanks to exceptional design and craftsmanship, it’s also extremely lightweight and easy to carry with a comfortable shoulder strap included. The oak lid doubles up as a sturdy chopping board or as a plate to serve food on. With it being so easy to transport, it is just as easy to bring along on scenic trip as it is to use in the park.

The body of the Onja not only provides a solid, stable base but it also acts as a wind defense. The Onja stove can be powered using Primus 100g, 230g or 450g gas canisters (not included).

Key Features:
– Compact dual burning stove
– Suitable for large pots
– Oak lid also doubles up as a chopping board
– Lightweight and super easy to transport
– The stable base also acts as a wind defense
– Strong and sturdy construction
– Simple to set up
– Comfortable shoulder strap

– Materials: Stainless steel, brass, oak
– Dimensions: 43cm (W) x 14cm (D) x 29cm (H)
– Weight: 3kg
– Canister compatibility: Gas not included. Compatible Primus own brand canister gas in 100g, 230g or 450g (recommended Primus Power Gas or Primus Summer Gas).  For other compatible gas canisters, look for LP gas with a screw top configuration. Other brands include Coleman, MSR, and Optimus. For optimum performance, choose gas with a combination of propane, iso propane and butane. LP gas has a high energy content, i.e. in relation to heat output by weight. Gas in a gas cartridge is compressed to liquid form in a ratio of 250:1 to its original volume. Gas is preferable at extreme altitudes as it still combusts well despite the shortage of oxygen. Gas is a simple and easy choice. No pumping or priming is required and combustion is completely odourless and soot-free. In most countries, you can return gas containers when you buy new ones. Empty containers can also be recycled for their metal. SAFETY TIP: when finished using the stove, we suggest you completely detach the gas.

Additional information

Weight4.24 kg
Dimensions51 × 42 × 14 cm