Tupike Dual-Burner Stove + Bag
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Tupike Dual-Burner Stove + Bag

By Primus


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A sturdy and portable dual-burner camping stove with incredible high-performance cooking ability, custom griddle pan and included travel bag

The dual-burner Tupike Stove from Primus is designed for real cooking, yet it is intuitively designed to be easily transported, which means you can enjoy hearty meals wherever you travel. It features a die-cast aluminum, non-stick griddle pan which ensures good heat distribution and the stove can be powered by either small or large canisters. The grids and drip tray are removable and can be cleaned individually.

The body of the stove has been crafted from a combination of stainless steel with oak laths and brass details. The oak laths ensure the stove is protected from any wear and tear and provide it with a durable frame that will stand the test of time. When open the lid and additional side windscreens ensure steady cooking, even in windy conditions.

The included kit bag takes any hassle out of mobile cooking. It is made from a high quality polycotton fabric. As well as a spacious main compartment for the Tupike Stove, it has separate pockets for accessories, gas, food or anything else you want to transport.

Key Features:
– High performance dual burning stove
– Storage and travel bag included
– Sturdy stainless steel, brass and oak construction
– Lightweight and easy to transport
– Die-cast custom aluminum griddle pan included
– The stable base and side panels also act as a wind defense
– Easy to carry to handle

– Materials: Stainless steel, brass and oak
– Dimensions: 29.5cm (W) x 14cm (D) x 8.2cm (H)
– Weight: 4.5kg
– Canister compatibility: Gas not included. Compatible Primus own brand canister gas in 100g, 230g or 450g (recommended Primus Power Gas or Primus Summer Gas).  For other compatible gas canisters, look for LP gas with a screw top configuration. Other brands include Coleman, MSR, and Optimus. For optimum performance, choose gas with a combination of propane, iso propane and butane. LP gas has a high energy content, i.e. in relation to heat output by weight. Gas in a gas cartridge is compressed to liquid form in a ratio of 250:1 to its original volume. Gas is preferable at extreme altitudes as it still combusts well despite the shortage of oxygen. Gas is a simple and easy choice. No pumping or priming is required and combustion is completely odourless and soot-free. In most countries, you can return gas containers when you buy new ones. Empty containers can also be recycled for their metal. SAFETY TIP: when finished using the stove, we suggest you completely detach the gas.

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