City to Sea Stainless Steel Cups
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City to Sea Stainless Steel Cups



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Single walled, stainless steel cup with a message. Over 15% of product sales go to City To Sea
View from City To Sea:
Enviro-Cup is the ultimate solution to significantly reducing Single Use Plastic at the park, BBQ’s or music shows. These cups are lightweight and a great alternative to plastic cups when throwing a party and not wanting to use glass.

It will last a lifetime, is made in the UK from recycled steel and is a handy pint size. You can stack lots of them together, and the City To Sea branding shows you are making a difference. Environmentally friendly cups are the way forward.


Key Features:

– British Made
– Easily stackable
– Will last a lifetime
– Keeps drinks cooler for longer


– Materials: Recycled stainless Steel
– Volume: 568ml (UK pint sized)

To learn more about City To Sea and their campaigns visit their website:

Go To City To Sea

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Weight0.24 kg
Dimensions16 × 11 × 21 cm