Nanopresso Barista Kit
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Nanopresso Barista Kit

By Wacaco


Make double espressos with the Nanopresso-compatible Barista kit for double the coffee on the go

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Make double espressos with the Nanopresso-compatible Barista kit for double the coffee on the go

The all new Barista Kit from Wacaco takes the most groundbreaking portable espresso machine ever made and takes it to the next level. Packed to the brim with various accessories, The Barista Kit now gives you the capability to produce a full 120ml double espresso, extracted with the incredible 18 bars of pressure that the Nanopresso is now infamous for.

The kit includes the larger water tank (140ml), larger espresso cup, two double espresso filter baskets, one single espresso basket. The kit also includes detailed instructions of how to install the adaptors and the best way of extracting a perfect espresso each and every time.

Key Features:
– Allows the Nanopresso to make double espressos
– Also includes a larger water tank for a longer single espresso
– The Tamp included provides perfect coffee distribution
– Nanopresso’s 18 bars of pressure extracts a perfect double espresso

– Dimensions: 150cm (H) x 62 (W) x 62 (D)
– Weight: 270g
– Set includes: The Large water tank (140 ml), the larger espresso cup, two double espresso filter baskets(16g of ground coffee) with cap, one single espresso filter basket (8g of ground coffee) with cap, the double espresso adapter ring, one tamper and the instruction book
– Please note: The Barista Kit is for use with the Nanopresso only
– NB: This machine does not have the ability to boil the water but you can always store boiling water in the Nanovessel.

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