Nanopresso Portable Espresso Machine + Case + Adapter for Capsules
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Nanopresso Portable Espresso Machine + Case + Adapter for Capsules

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Innovative hand-powered, portable espresso machine that produces up to 18 bars (261 PSI) of pressure for a rich, bold, creamy espresso with Nespresso® pod adapter

The world’s most powerful, compact and convenient espresso machine has just been made even more epic. The Nanopresso has a newly designed pumping system that can produce up to 18 bars (261 PSI) of pressure, that will perfectly extract your coffee. This is more pressure than most home espresso machines. This additional pressure produces an incredible coffee extraction that brews a beautiful shot of coffee, complete with a thick, creamy layer of crema.

Now included is the all new NS adapter for the Nanopresso, that allows you to use it with Nespresso® compatible pods. Access to truly incredible coffee whilst adventuring, has never been so easy.

Whether you’re using the NS adapter with pods or ground coffee, it’s simple to fill and operate and the resulting coffee beats any espresso you are going to get from a non-specialist coffee house. It doesn’t require compressed air, N20 cartridges or electricity. Its internal semi-automatic piston unlocks from its carrying position and you press this to control the amount of extracted coffee. Small quantities of water are injected into the coffee adapter and after a few pushes, optimal extraction pressure is achieved and a rich, bold espresso is extracted.

Requiring 15% less pumping pressure than the original Minipresso, the Nanopresso is even easier to use when you’re on the go. Whilst the namesake design feature has dramatically reduced the overall size, making it the smallest espresso machine in the Wacaco range, the water capacity has actually increased. It can now hold up to 80ml of water, so you can perfectly tailor your espresso to taste. The compact design means it only weighs 336 grams; combined with the handy carry case included, the Nanopresso is even more transportable and the perfect coffee companion for any adventure.

Key Features:
– Can be used with both ground coffee and Nespresso compatible pods
– Includes sleek and durable zip up carry case and NS (Nespresso ® adaper)
– Compact, lightweight and easy to transport
– 18 (261 PSI) bar pressure
– Water capacity of 80ml
– Built-in espresso cup and scoop
– Holds up to 7g of coffee
– Materials: PBT, PP and stainless steel. 100% BPA free. (Complies with major safety approvals regarding food contact materials)
– Dimensions: 15.6cm x 7.1cm x 6.2cm
– Weight: 336 grams
– NB: This machine does not have the ability to boil the water but you can always store boiling water in this flask.

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