Exclusive: Shwood x Stanley Collaboration

Exclusive: Shwood x Stanley Collaboration
26/05/2015 Byte9 Systems

Shwood X Stanley combine to create the ultimate summer collaboration that ensures you will be comfortably drinking in the sun!

The Shwood x Stanley package includes two summertime adventure essentials: a Stanley Classic Flask and a pair of Shwood titanium sunglasses – both finished in the classic Stanley “hammertone” texture.

Shwood x Stanley 6

Plus, they match! Gentlemen, seeing as your shoes and handbag can’t be coordinated on your hike… thank goodness your sunnies and flask can! Protect your eyes from the sun’s glare whilst swigging away from your stylish flask.

What is more badass than setting up that perfect early morning fishing spot with your titanium sunglasses perched on your head shielding your eyes and your life proof flask tucked in your pocket keeping your coffee warmed and ready for the day. This moment is a prime display of #Stanleyness.

Shwood x Stanley 7

While Stanley has been fighting in WWII B-17’s and hiking up Mt Everest, North and South poles over the last 100 years. Shwood has been quietly asserting its own statement by curiously experimenting with nature and the individuality of our natural surroundings to create iconic handcrafted wooden eyewear with minimal wood manipulation.

Both products are virtually indestructible – Stanley with their lifelong guarantee and rumoured survival in decimated buildings and Shwood with their timeless design and promise of lifelong style, not just a passing trend.

Shwood x Stanley 2

This Shwood X Stanley collaboration contains the only accessories any man with any desire to assert his #Stanleyness on the world will ever need.

NB: #Stanleyness: if you don’t know exactly what it is, you’ll know when you see it. It’s having the confidence to overcome obstacles and the durability to stick with it to the end. We all have it in us. Grab life by the bottle (and sunglasses) and show us what you’re made of

Shwood x Stanley

Check out our extensive selection of Sunglasses including Shwood and we also have the stylish Filson hip flask – so feel free to create your own fine summertime collaboration.

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