Silo Mesh Card

Silo Mesh Card
07/08/2015 Byte9 Systems

Silo Mesh Card combines an ultra-light wallet, a smartphone stand, a bottle opener and protects from RFID theft!

Fat wallet syndrome affects millions of people every day, causing your poor hips to be unbalanced and unnecessary lower back pain.  The Silo Mesh Card is here to save the day!  This brilliant Australian approach to the wallet is an ultra-light modern wallet, a smartphone stand, a bottle opener and a shield from RFID theft all at once – talk about versatile!

It’s there for you whenever you need it – can’t find a bottle opener? No Problem! Use the mesh card to crack open a beer.  You can even set up a mini cinema or take a hands-free face time with your loved ones wherever you go.  It’s conveniently super small and slim so it will fit inside a single card pocket in your wallet, or it can actually be used as a standalone wallet itself.

The Silo Mesh Card can hold up to 8 cards and several notes and thanks to the removable silicone band, it keeps it perfectly slim and neat.  Plus it only weighs 12 grams making it the lightest wallet ever made! Our favourite part is the optional bumper card which can be used to separate your RFID credit card from the Mesh Card to enable contactless transactions (disabling the RFID shield).

The Slim Card is made to last!  It is made from aerospace grade Titanium which allows it to be naturally resistance to corrosion and super durable and scratch resistant. One thing for certain, the Slim Card will outlast your old leather wallet, your credit cards and your Smartphone.

Silo Mesh Card can be yours for $89 AUD.  In the meantime, check out our super cool, minimalist Note Slim Wallet by Bellroy.

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