Smartfeeder – A Revolution in Pet Feeding

Smartfeeder – A Revolution in Pet Feeding
20/07/2015 Byte9 Systems

The Smartfeeder – A Revolution in Pet Feeding

If you’ve got an animal living with you then what you’re about to read could make your life, and that of your furry friend, a whole lot easier.

If you don’t currently have a pet, at some point you’ve possibly thought about the joy a cuddly, furry animal would bring to your hectic lifestyle. And then someone’s pointed out that your hectic lifestyle is the very reason having a pet is a bad idea. Pets take a lot of time and being at home to feed them is just one recurring aspect of this care…

We’ve seen automatic pet feeders before, but they always felt a little untrustworthy. This one, by contrast, has been conceived, designed and built with so much thought that it should give you the confidence to leave your lovable animal at home with it. Enter the Smartfeeder from Petnet:





The Smartfeeder from Petnet is the ultimate pet feeder on the market – it can manage portion sizes and feeding times, insert proper ingredients in the feeding mix, and can even arrange to have your pet food delivered to your door.   Just the thought and care that’s been included in the “portion size” functionality is impressive: It takes into account pet age, size and level of activity to determine the amount of food pooch should be eating.

Is there one for people? No.

It can even make recommendations to your pet’s diet to make sure that they are not overfed and receiving the right nutrients. Obviously you can also control all of this from your smartphone via their app.

All of this tech was not conceived by a couple of cuddly pet-lovers, there are nearly 20 designers and engineers at Petnet.  The ultimate goal is to create the world’s first pet care analytics platform to ensure healthy domesticated animals everywhere. You get some idea of how seriously they are taking this from a look at their blog, where you can see loads of videos about keeping your pets healthy.

So this is really a lot more than just a robotic pet sitter you can leave your beloved (pet) with whilst you go to Ibiza for the weekend. The Smartfeeder is actually a central component of your pet’s everyday life. By using it to feed your pet you can gain analytical information that should lead to a longer, healthier life. At the same time it does take one of the major hassles out of pet care-giving.

Now all I need is a massage chair for cuddles and a robot dog walker, and having a pet would fit right into my busy schedule….

The Smartfeeder is available from direct the website for only $99 which seems like an absolute bargain by any standards.




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