Summer Dreaming – Yachts

Summer Dreaming – Yachts
25/06/2015 Byte9 Systems

Has the summer weather got you dreaming of blue seas and white sands?… Let’s indulge those far away dreams for a second…


First things first: Is the height of your yacht’s deck railing to the water between 13’8” and 18’?

Ok, so you might not have a yacht, let alone a yacht with a deck railing between 13’8” and 18’ but if you do purchase one in the near future, don’t forget to purchase this adjustable yacht slide too! Whether you want to be frugal after purchasing your yacht or not, it is good to know that this adjustable slide is over half the price of a custom made one.

Rest assured, you don’t even need a yacht – just a balcony/terrace that is between 13’8” and 18’:

In all seriousness, if you are spending the summer on your yacht and the deck railing to the water is between 13’8” and 18’, then you should consider these three questions:

1. Does the area on your yacht where the Inflatable Yacht Slide will be mounted have at least 50″ of width on the railing available?

2. Does it also have 54″ of inward deck/floor area available to accommodate the Yacht Slide entry?

3. Do you have x m height from deck/floor open to accommodate the height of the slide?

Did you answer yes to all three? If yes, purchase your perfect summer companion for the nifty price of $6,995.00. They are in stock and ready to ship, but beware: May cause shrieks of joy and family and friends to linger on your yacht.

If this has whet your appetite and you want to unleash your inner child on a slip and slide – get involved with Slide in the City starting 18th July in Manchester but then going all over the UK!

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