Superga X Sandqvist Shoe Collaboration

Superga X Sandqvist Shoe Collaboration
28/05/2015 Byte9 Systems

Superga X Sandqvist Shoe Collaboration

Limited edition shoes featuring classic Sandqvist colours

Superga X Sandqvist 5

The stylish Scandinavian brand Sandqvist, famous for their leather and canvas bags, have teamed up with Superga, the classic Italian shoemaker. Their rather tasty Superga x Sanqvist collaboration is styled after the original 2750 tennis shoe from 1925.

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Sandqvist have lent their typical blue cotton canvas to the collab, and the detailing is in the cognac brown tooling leather that features on their sought after bags.

Superga X Sandqvist 3

This is a highly limited edition, so you will be hard pressed to find them to purchase, but you can browse a mighty fine selection of their bags here. Sandqvist proudly state on their goods “EST 2004”, so it’s fantastic to see brands with the providence of Superga welcoming them into their midst, and the fruits of the combined labours.

Superga X Sandqvist 2



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