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Family Microgreen Grow Kit - White

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Larger kit for growing an abundance of delicious, nutritious microgreens at home for all the family
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Larger kit for growing an abundance of delicious, nutritious microgreens at home for all the family

This family-sized microgreen grow kit is presented by Superpousse. The main structure is made in the UK from 100% recycled plastic and it features 2x full-spectrum (6400k) Sunblaster lights. This means you can grow microgreens and herbs. Whilst this is the larger unit, it is still pretty compact, and it allows you to grow a lot of microgreens in four generously-sized trays.

Microgreens are an excellent addition to an array of meals, from salads to sandwich, ceviche to sushi – they add fantastic flavour and a dazzling array of vitamins. They are straightforward and fast to grow, and cheap to do at home. You will be amazed at what you can grow and how much of it!

We searched everywhere to find an inexpensive product that would allow us to grow microgreens (and herbs) in our homes. You don’t need to know anything about microgreens to understand what an amazing product this is for bringing insanely tasty and nourishing greenery into your home.

Superpousse is a micro greens specialist based in France (owned by one of the original Bear & Bear founders) and this same equipment has been used to launch their own micro greens business.

There are other kits available that are more expensive and require you to buy over-priced capsules, but this set-up is different. Growing enough microgreens for a family is simple, cheap and fun – and Superpousse believes that everyone should have access to affordable kits that they can experiment with.

This kit uses professional quality lighting from Sunblaster, a capillary matting for even under-watering, and trays and structure made from recycled plastic. You will need to add your own soil and seeds, but you can order them inexpensively from any seed company offering micro greens. We also have a start-up kit available here.

The wonder of this kit is that it’s affordable, very high quality and you’re not tied into a particular brand trying to sell you expensive capsules. It can be used to grow herbs and to germinate all kinds of plants as well.

Key Features:

- Grows microgreens, herbs and plants for transplanting

- Compact design fits on a worktop, large desk or in a cupboard

- Includes four large trays to give a good variety of herbs at any one time

- Capillary matting to simplify water-management and bottom-watering

- Adjustable canopy height for optimised lighting placement

- Fast and simple to assemble and easy to clean

- 2x 6400k 24w full-spectrum fluorescent lights – high efficiency output consuming 20% less than a standard domestic bulb and 10,000 hours of use

- NanoTech reflectors to reduce heat build-up and optimise lighting performance


- Materials: 100% Recycled Plastic (main structure), 2x 24W 6400k Fluorescent Lights, aluminium fastenings

- Dimensions: Trays – 37cm (L) x 13.5 cm (W) x 6cm (H), Unit – 62cm (L) x 40cm (W) x 47cm (H)

- Weight: 6.3kgs


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