This is Ground Brand Profile

This is Ground Brand Profile
10/03/2016 Byte9 Systems

This is Ground Brand Profile

This is Ground is an amazing brand from LA specialising in handmade leather tech accessories that are both visually stunning and superbly functional.  From their manufacturing approach to their design and craftsmanship, This is Ground create impeccable products at great prices.  What’s not to love?  We thought it was time to share Bear & Bear’s adoration in a This Is Ground Brand Profile! We are also proud to announce two additional products to this fantastic range!

Only 1 month after their launch in 2013, This is Ground successfully landed their first product into the Apple Stores.  Since, they have won hearts across America and gaining over 55,000 followers.  How did it all start?  No one knows when a good idea will hit you, but for Mike Macadaan it was sparked by his lunch of mexican tacos.  The Cord Taco was born – a small, folding leather “taco”  that snaps a roll of cords into place for easy travel and keeping things beautifully organised.

They carried on innovating and creating new products based on the changing customer demands in the fast changing technological world. Their handmade leather products are stunningly chic that blend and old world craftsmanship with futuristic design.

Their business model of observation and adaptation benefits hugely from the proximity of its design headquarters to its an in-house manufacturing facility. Based in LA they have taken an refreshing approach to manufacturing and supported another artisanal start-up in the course of their daily business.

Bear & Bear tracked down This is Ground when searching for travel tech accessories that were stylish and functional. It was magical moment finding a brand like This is Ground that is so in line with what we believe in, and creates impeccable products at great prices.  We started with the classics (below) and are about to launch some of their latest products (read on):

Cord Taco Supreme – £28.00

Organise your cables in style and avoid annoying tangles with this pop-shut cable tidy – simplicity and style!

Cordito Supreme Cord and Plug Roll – £54.00

Superbly crafted leather cord wrap perfect for keeping all your cables and cords tidy on the move

Cordlupa Power Adapter Organiser – £20.00

Tame the beast that is your Apple laptop charging cable (or a PC one for that matter) with this premium leather charger cord wrap

Tech Dopp Kit – £115.00

Compact and stylish carry-kit for organising all your tech accessories in a tailor-made leather case – this became an instant top-seller on release

Like us and many This is Ground admirers, our customers were delighted by the products!  So to keep the love going, Bear & Bear are thrilled to announce the addition of two new This is Ground products in 2016:

This is Ground – The Voyager

Sometimes the most simple ideas are the ones that are the most successful.  This is Ground wanted a bag that would allow easy access to specific gear during travel, and large enough to provide enough space for five days of clothing and gear.  Out of this basic principle, the Voyager was created proving that luxury doesn’t need to be compromised for functionality.  Like all their products, this weekender bag is made of 100% leather, providing ample packing space and designed to keep all your travel and tech essential organised to perfection.   The exterior of the bag is an integrated tech pod that protects and makes all your key travel gear accessible including:  a phone, battery pack, cords, plugs, pens, and notebook. Now that’s the This Is Ground attention to detail that we love:

This is Ground – Mod Laptop 2

The Mod Laptop 2 could be considered your new ‘mobile office’. Keep your daily essentials in a smart, compact carryable case.  Its leather construction will protect your laptop, and the canvas lined pocket is tailored for your tablet.  The multi inserts offer generous housing of your cables and cords, notepads, phone, hard drive, pencils, currency and anything else that can fit of that size.  Incredibly sturdy, the Mod allows you to move around hands free thanks to it’s 100% leather strap without compromising the case’s slim aesthetic.  This strap is detachable and the hardware hides cleanly away in the back of the case. While our cases are form fitted to handle the MacBook, MacBook Pro, and MacBook Air lines, they also fit lots of other devices. We can’t wait to get this out to customers:

That’s our This Is Ground Brand Profile, we hope you enjoyed it and learnt something interesting about this brand and their products.  We can’t wait to see what they come up with next as innovation seems to be unavoidable with this crew.

Check out the full selection on Bear & Bear’s website HERE.

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