Brand Profile: Thousand Bicycle Helmets

Brand Profile: Thousand Bicycle Helmets
04/08/2015 Byte9 Systems

Brand Profile: Thousand Bicycle Helmets – They Look So Good You Won’t Want To Take It Off

We could hardly contain our excitement when we spotted Thousand Bicycle Helmets in a kick-starter campaign over a year ago.  We got in contact to find out more, wrote a blog and stayed in touch. We loved the overall design, the touches of brilliance and the safety features, all at a great price. We are happy to be able to bring this great brand to Europe – Thousand is here!

We’ve probably all been guilty of not bothering to wear our helmet when going for a spin on our bike. Irresponsible? Certainly. But a lot of the reasons have been carefully thought through and dealt with by Thousand Bicycle Helmets, a redesign and re-imagining of bicycle helmets. They looked at the main complaints and concerns of consumers and dealt with them one by one to create what we believe is one of the best looking and most functional lids on the market.

We love the modern minimalist styling that it draws inspiration from vintage motorcycle helmets but blended into a light and aerodynamic silhouette.

But that’s just the start.  The Thousand Helmet uses environmentally-friendly materials where possible from its careful selection of suppliers. Environmentally friendly and smartly designed and safe? What’s not to love?

These helmets feature multiple air vents and internal cooling channels for comfort, so you can enjoy long bike rides with great ventilation but without the sci-fi design!  The sturdy leather vegan straps with Fidloc’s magnetic buckles ensure that the strap doesn’t come apart even when extreme force is applied making them stylish and secure.

But the most defining feature in our opinion is the secret Poplock.  Leave your helmet behind worry-free! Simply pop the top, and lock. And since the folks at Thousand are true gems, they back these helmets with a Bike Thief Guarantee.  So if your helmet is stolen, don’t fret, they’ll replace it for you!

The helmets come in Premium Matte Rubberized Finishes in white, navy, or black, all with white trim, and we are stocking all of them.

If you are looking for a new bicycle helmet then put the Thousand on your wishlist, they are exceptionally good quality and stylish lids. You can see the full brand page here.  Or take a look directly at the product page. Starting at £85 they are an absolute bargain. 

In any case, we felt the need to write this little love letter to Thousand Bicycle Helmets as we’ve been keenly anticipating their release and are extremely excited to be introducing them to Europe. See their full website here.




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