Working from home is something most of us have experienced over the last 18 months, and whilst some people hate it - there is a growing realisation that at least a few days working from a home office can actually increase productivity and not least because of the time saved commuting.  So assuming your kids are in school and you can resist the temptation to visit the fridge too regularly, home can be an inspiring and productive place to work, especially if you treat yourself to a few essentials. 

We have been working from home for years, and look at what we've achieved! So it can be done and we know a thing or two about getting the right kit to ensure a healthy mix of caffeinated comfort combined with levels of relaxation. We'll focus on the products, but these are in the context of some of the tips and tricks we use to keep it fresh at home.


Top Tips For Working From Home

1. Drink more water - the temptation to snack and eat a lot is omnipresent. But you can cut down on snacking suprisingly often by swapping it out for good old H20

2. Move around - the great thing about working from home is the freedom to move around without judgement. A good desk as your HQ is ideal, but the kitchen table or sofa can mix it up and get you inspired

3. Exercise every couple of hours - feeling a bit drained? Have a walk around and push out some press-ups or kick a ball around. Stretch and do some yoga or jump on a skateboard. Do this regularly and you'll feel so much better and be way more productive. Believe. 

4. Treat yourself - don't fall into the trap of over-doing it. Once you work out how to focus working from home it's easy to forget regular breaks or exercise (and sometimes showering...). Make yourself a good coffee, book a massage, eat some deli food. This are some of the things that most offices do not offer . 

5. Stay comfy - I'm predicting tracksuit wearing will no longer be just a wfh thing when everyone returns to the office, are people really willing to give up the comfort? But the same goes for blankets in the winter and fans in the summer - and invest in a decent office chair for your home office to make sure you're optimally comfortable for efficient working.

6. Be organised - set some achievable goals, work out which management software works for you and get some post-its. Make notes and set-up a calendar that has ample time allowed for treating yourself and exercising. This will reduce stress and make working from home way more pleasurable. 

These are all things we use daily to bring you Bear & Bear, so if you like what we do, these are part of the magic sauce. 

The Right Lighting

Getting the ambiance right when working from home has a lot to do with the lighting and moving around is also key - which is why a wireless lamp is pretty essential for a home office.  From late night working to using lesser-lit parts of your abode, you get flexibility and light when you need it. We are huge fans of Humble lights, but there are is a fine selection to choose from both wireless and with cords.

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The Ultimate Home Coffee Kit

If you like coffee in any shape or form then do yourself a huge favour and upgrade your coffee at home. Pour-over coffee is absolutely the way to go - it's lighter so you can brew a decent amount and really enjoy it, and the flavours! We will not stop going on about pour-over coffee until everyone has at least tried it.  You can still go and visit your barista - but burn your Nespresso machine before it burns your coffee.  

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The Comfiest Blankets Possible

These blankets are designed for the outdoors, but they do a superlative job in the home. Waiting for the heaters to do their bit, cutting back on the heating bills or just in need of a quick warm-me-up - these blankets do the trick.  They are completely machine washable if you spill snacks on them, and when you transition out of the home office to van life you are set to go! 


The Hydration Station

Staying hydrated is a vital element of effective brain function, that’s why so little work gets done in the desert. Absolutely true. From completing complex spreadsheets to getting that presentation document perfected, brain power needs water. If you spend a lot of time on the phone, then all that chatting also needs some aquatic lubrication. We like mugs and coffee cups because they're robust (and you can take them to the beach when you finish work!).

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The Smartest Storage

Getting organised at home is clearly the way to go, and why not do it with a little bit of style and / or humour.  From insulting notes to get you motivated to inspirational metalwork that will beautifully adorn your wall thats (probably) tax deductible * - there are some thoughtfully selected items that will mean you can ditch the false zoom background and make your co-workers jealous with your actual walls.

* not financial advice.

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The Best Tech Accessories

Working from home requires another level of organisation in most cases - your desk is probably also your dining room table! So having the right storage for your tech gear, gadgets and wires is absolutely essential. Especially as most of us do like to do the odd powerpoint from a cafe or visit the office sometimes. Tech dopp kits keep you nimble and organised and are pretty much a requirements. Raise your tech game with the masters of carry. 

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These are the tips, tricks and things that make our lives working from home rewarding, inspiring and a major part of why we have no desire to return to the office full time! Once you've experience the working from home comforts and got into a new rhythm it's just so much more efficient and pleasurable.  So if you're struggling withthe whole home office / life balance give some of these tips a go and let us know how you get on!