Touchjet – The Next Big Thing!

Touchjet – The Next Big Thing!
22/06/2015 Byte9 Systems

Set up your meeting anywhere with Touchjet Pond!

Thanks to government investment in start-up businesses and the current hipster drive to be original and unique, small companies are popping up everywhere and their headquarters are probably in a coffee shop near you.

It almost goes without saying that for most of these start-ups there isn’t always a meeting room with an interactive whiteboard on hand. Touchjet has honed in on this issue and created a projector that can turn any surface into a giant interactive touchscreen.

At $599 (approx. £400) and being the size (and having the capabilities) of a tablet, this is an essential addition to any small business – or any business in general.

Touchjet have combined the functionality of a projector with the uses of a tablet. You are able to download apps and content and then use them on ‘screen’ with the remote control.  You can swipe, tap and write all over the walls during meetings.

In saying this, Touchjet could also be the perfect family time addition. Do you feel like you’ve lost your children or spouse to their digital device? Play, watch and share easily with Touchjet. With the possibility of projecting games, videos and photos onto any wall in the home.

Touchjet themselves claim you can “use it anywhere with anything” and we have to agree this seems pretty true!


  • Weighing just 9.4 oz (266g) and being palm sized (2.8cm H x 11.5cm W x 10cm D) there is no reason it shouldn’t become an essential work bag addition.
  • It comes with a remote, two styluses, a charging brick, a micro usb cord and a case – none of Apples nonsense of having to purchase all the necessary extras, with Touchjet you get the full package for the given price.
  • Download any app from the Google Play Store
  • Ability to connect to wifi and Bluetooth – no wires required
  • Up to 4 people can touch the screen at one time
  • Inbuilt speakers and stereo headphone jack
  • Projects up to 80 inches of high res image
  • The techy specs are:
    • 6Ghz CPU/ARM DUAL
    • Cortex-A9
    • 4GB NAND Flash
    • 16GB Internal SD card
    • Optical touch sensor

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Shipping can take from 5 – 7 days so while you wait check out our Tech Shop for other indispensable gadgets and business editions!

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