Uberpong – The New Face of Ping Pong

Uberpong – The New Face of Ping Pong
22/05/2015 Byte9 Systems

Wow your opponent into submission with a badass bespoke table tennis bat

Table tennis. Ping-pong.  Whatever you call it, there’s nothing like some paddle-to-paddle action over a small net on a table to get the adrenalin pumping.  Thanks to tables springing up in many bars and clubs, you can now combine this youthful pursuit with drinking.  Most things are more fun drunk and Ping Pong is no exception.

Everyone seems to have their own style of play, and thanks to the brilliance of Uberpong you can now have your own style of bat!   A chap called David Lowe came up with the genius idea.  After an epic table tennis battle one Friday after work on a dreary day in London, Lowe had the inspiration to launch his hugely successful Kickstarter campaign in 2012 that would change the face of the game forever. Literally.


With Uberpong you simply upload your photos, even your favourite selfie, and have it printed to customise your personal paddle. By downloading Uberpong’s latest app “Custom Ping Pong Editor” it is even easier and faster to customise your paddle by syncing the app to your phone, Facebook, and Instagram. Create a personalised paddle in 30 seconds! From £18 you can opt for a pre-made design too by selecting one of the many prints created by Uberpong’s talented artists and graphic designers.


For those who can’t wait to show off their newly acclaimed ping pong skills as well as their cool paddle, Uberpong have also created the app Ping Pong Map which helps you to find your nearest table tennis table and pin your favourite spots. Their vision is to generate this app into something bigger, as their vision for the business develops alongside the growing demand for the game, they want customers to support their efforts to build local and global ping pong playing communities. The movement is already spreading rapidly thanks to their huge supporters, celebrities and global clients such as Coca-Cola, Adidas, Google and Toms showing an interest. What’s more they don’t just stick to paddles. You can also customise your own unique table too. So throw away those dismal, peeling black and red paddles and create a paddle that is a unique extension of your style


See you and that flash paddle at a http://www.bouncepingpong.com/ near you!

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