Amazing Items You Need On The Road

Life on the wide open road! There are few things that conjure up a more vivid image of freedom and exploration.  We celebrate the very notion of adventure and excitement - going wherever the stars align. A growing number of people are customising old vans (or buying new ones) and taking to the road in search of life experiences. It crosses our minds once a week. 

But the reality is, if we're going to do it, we want to do it right. That means alongside the necessary van accessories such as a pump action shower, a solar-powered battery and a mini-fridge - we also want some slightly more luxurious "essentials" to make the whole trip a little more pleasurable.  Our selection of ultimate vanlife accessories are perfect for exploring the wilds without giving up all of life's comforts. After all, the typical vanlifer  nowadays is (probably) running a successful media empire in between al fresco dining on cliff tops rather than scooping up roadkill to grill up at a truck stop.  

Times have changed, and now vanlife can either be a way of life or a weekend away.  Whatever level of commitment you're considering for your taste of freedom, we have the gear that is going to make vanlife and beyond a joy. 

Van Life

The Horizon Stove

£ 95   Highly portable rocket stove that burns at high temperatures for more eco-friendly fire that's ready to cook on in seconds

Fire Up: The Ultimate Stove

This incredible stove was designed to meet your cooking and heating needs for the ultimate van life adventures. It is compact, incredibly useful and heats up in minutes thanks to some amazing technology.

It is powered by wood, amazingly efficient and smokeless.  So as long as you can find some driftwood then you are good to go and give the Horizon Stove a shot. 


Ripstop Travel Blanket - Sunset Stripes

£ 85   Insulated & water-resistant blanket with a hood - perfect for camping, vanlife, hiking, picnics & festivals or lounging around at home. Made from recycled ripstop on both sides.

Comfort + Warmth: Super Blanket

Clearly there are going to be some chilly nights and frosty morning, so a comfy and durable blanket is an absolute necessity for exploration. There are three different levels of comfort to choose from with these epic Voited blankets, and we've broken down the options in this guide.

There are so many features to love about this blanket, but our favourite is the ability to link more than one together to create infinity-sized blankets... The only downside of blankets this nice is that you may not want to leave your van...


Humble One Wireless Table Light - Gold

£ 124   This unique little lamp looks great in so many locations - throughout your home or in a commercial setting. As it is wireless your options are endless.

Light On The Road: Cordless Lamp

When you need to leave your van in the dark then light is your best friend! Even in the comfort of your vehicle a stylish source of ambience is a welcome buddy. The Humble One is our choice of lamp for vanlife, but there are other superb rechargeable options available, we're so into wireless lighting we wrote a short guide to explain the merits of our hand-picked selection

These lamps provide different amounts of light depending on the setting you choose, and can last for hours and hours on lower settings. They are extremely useful at home, so the potential for vanlife is immense. 


Some Outside Space: Beach Tent

Considering you've opted for the great outdoors it's ironic how often a cover comes in handy. If you're leaving your base camp and heading off on a picnic somewere then some sun shade or wind protection is a great call.  

Business + Pleasure Co. have designed eye-catching and extremely robust tents that will ensure you have a sturdy cover when you need it on your travels. The tents are available in two different  styles, and they have a range of umbrellas and cooler bags that also make excellent van accessories.


Outdoor Tumbler - Set of 2

£ 18   Set of two 14oz (415ml) wine tumblers, built for the outdoors using unbreakable Tritan

Drinking Buddies: Tumblers

This pair of tumblers are made for adventures on the open road being made from (apparently) unbreakable tritan. This is a very strong and durable material that looks and feels like glass.  The classic design of these receptacles give them a nostalgic air - perfect for recounting stories of adventures past (or making new ones) around a campfire.  

Barebones Living specialise in wonderfully designed and sustainably sourced products for outdoor living from lighting to eating: 


Reusable Water Bottle 500ml - White

£ 29   This classic double-walled vacuum insulated bottle is the perfect companion to help you stay happy and hydrated, no matter what your day has in store for you. The unique British design will help you stand out from the crowd.

Hydration Station: Water Bottle

With the excitement of adventure at hand it's important to remain hydrated, especially if you're embarking on hikes and activities away from the van. So a great water bottle is an essential vanlife accessory! 

These water bottles from Ohelo have a host of features that make them our favourites including ethical production values, vacuum-insulation and easy cleaning. Plus Ohelo are a small, independent company based in the UK.

You can see their full range on their brand page, and read more details about their ethical credentials:


Mobile Cooking Equipment: Portable Pizza Oven

As cooking equipment for vanlife goes this might seem like a luxury, but it's become an essential at home, so why should life on the road be that different? 

Ooni have a range of ovens, and we've selected the Koda for the ultimate van accessory when it comes to cooking due to it's ease and portability. These ovens are designed with pizza in mind, but there are plenty of other amazing dishes that you can cook with them. 

For the full range from Ooni, including some handy accessories, have a look at their brand page:


Matador FlatPak Toiletry Case

£ 24   Stylishly understated, waterproof and lightweight rolltop toiletry bag for travelling with efficiency.

Smart Storage: Packable Bags + Pouches

Space is at an absolute premium when you accept your new home is the size of van, so being able to pack something down very small is winning feature for vanlife accessories.  Outdoor adventure brand Matador excel at designing just about every product to pack down into a tiny space.

From backpacks that fold into the size of a fist (or smaller) to flatpak toiletry kits, they have thoughtfully designed a range of incredibly useful items for exploring far and wide. 

See their whole range here:


Nanopresso Portable Espresso Machine + Case

£ 69   Innovative hand-powered, portable espresso machine that produces up to 18 bars (261 PSI) of pressure for a rich, bold, creamy espresso.

Caffeine Hit: Portable Espresso Machine

Coffee to us is what spinach is to Popeye - it gets us up and keeps us going throughout the day. We've been proudly stocking Wacaco products for years now, and their portable espresso machine is perfect for vanlife. Within it's incredibly compact form it's able to dose out exceptionally good espressos. Given how portable it is, your coffee intake is not even confined to your van, you can take it on hikes and brew up a fresh espresso with a proper crema wherever you are! 

Combined with other accessories from the Nanopresso range, you basically have a barista in your van - without the tattoos. 


Stagg XF Pour-over Set

£ 110   The ultimate pour-over set for coffee lovers - beginner, novice or expert

Slow Coffee: Pour-over Coffee Kit

If you are truly serious about your coffee, then one brew option is not going to be enough. With time on your hands will there ever be a better time to experience the joys of a slow coffee (i.e. 5 minutes to brew!)?

Fellow have created the perfect pour-over coffee kit combining with their Stagg pour-over coffee kettle and XF kit. It's changed how we prepare our coffee at home, and it's one thing I wouldn't want to be without on the road. 

So it's the second coffee entry into our ultimate vanlife accessory guide! You can see the whole selection of coffee brewing kit on the brand page: 


Now Hit The Road! 

That's your kit sorted, so now it's time to quit your job, sell your house, rent out your kids and buy a 1970's VW to tour the UK with! Or you could look at renting a campervan for a week or two and see how it goes.... Either way, these vanlife accessories are all suitable for life at home as well, so they are not going to go to waste once your trip is finished, they'll be there to remind you of the incredible times you had. 

We'll be adding to this list as we grow our selection of epic vanlife accessories, it's our mission to motivate as many people as possible to get our of their homes and see the workd around them... If that means taking a bit of luxury on the journey then there's nothing wrong with that!