Unconditional Rebel by Siska

Unconditional Rebel by Siska
02/09/2015 Byte9 Systems

Unconditional Rebel: time and space unfold beautifully in sync at a 1000 frames per second

From slow-motion walks in a Wes Anderson film to dodging bullets in the Matrix, slo-mo undeniably ups the visual cool factor.  Couple this with a fresh soundtrack and an amazing concept and you’ve got yourself a masterpiece.  Siska’s music video for Unconditional Rebel provides a beautiful soundscape to a living and dreamlike mural.   The setting is an abandoned industrial area spanned across 80 meters where 80 extras create a series of scenes that contribute to one long and peculiar story.

Shot by Guillaume Panariello at 1000 frames per second with a Phantom flex 4k and a car driven at 50 km per hour. The music video was shot in 5 seconds and expanded in a 3 minute 30 second video. Before shooting, Panariello consulted with special effects producer Benoît Maffone to make a detailed 3D model that enabled the director to plan and choreograph the entire film.

“After a lot of math we determined the speed of the camera movement and the size of the scene,” Panariello explained.

In total, around 110 people were involved in making the video. In addition to the 80 extras, roughly 30 people constituted the crew and post-production teams.

“To my mind the most important thing is the perfect balance between the sound and the picture,” Panariello says. “No matter the technique or concept, the point is to create sensations.”

The results are remarkable.  Watch this beautifully synced performance below:



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