Breakdown Of The Best Adventure Blanket Fabrics:

All of the Voited blankets have the same durable, recycled and water-resistant fabric on one side, but there are three different options available for the reverse side of Voited blanket in the UK. We get a lot of customers asking which is best for their needs, so we’ve broken down the differences between the classic ripstop, the comfy fleece and the luxurious cloudtouch.

All of the different blanket models include epic features including 4-in-1 functionality that means a blanket can be transformed into a hands-free poncho, a pillow and a sleeping bag (by folding it in half and fastening the edges together).

Every blanket has a featherlight fibre insulation sandwiched between the two outer layers, this is warm and super-breathable to ensure maximum comfort.  The blankets can also be connected together to form a double (or larger) sleeping bag. Sustainability credentials are provided by the use of recycled REPREVE fabric made from recycled bottles, and all of the blankets are machine washable, stain and water resistant.

The prints and colours on the Voited blankets are fresh and fun, and they make the perfect companion for home, camping or vanlife. You get the idea, these are awesome outdoor adventure blankets that are also perfect for the home – so now the difference between the reverse side fabrics:


This is “classic” blanket and is perfect for the outdoors, for sitting on slightly damp grass or on sand. It is really easy to clean and highly water-resistant on both sides making it a perfect choice if you’re heading to the beach or need a blanket to throw down on the ground as often as for wrapping up warm.


This has an added level of comfort and is a highly functional outdoor blanket. Sand won’t stick to it, though it may pick up a little dampness on the fleece side under certain conditions. This is perfect to wrap around yourself next to a fire (but not too close!) and really useful if you’re camping or staying in a van and need a blanket that will be going outdoors a fair amount, but also will be a useful and comfortable top layer under canvas.


Without a doubt the most luxurious of the fabric options, this is still a great option for outdoors as it will keep you super-warm in all conditions and has the water-resistant capabilities on the ripstop side. The Cloudtouch is like a really high-quality Sherpa hoodie, and it is probably not a blanket you want to be chucking on the ground a lot as the Cloudtouch side will retain some dampness if the floor is wet and pick-up mud & dirt. It can obviously be shaken out (and don’t forget it’s machine washable) but this is a blanket that is perfect for sleeping in and will keep you really comfortable indoors and on adventures outside.

Whichever fabric you decide is most suitable, you can’t really go wrong. Voited blankets are designed with many uses in mind, and they are the ultimate camping/vanlife/Netflix companions. You will not be disappointed – lots of customers come back for a second helping of Voited blankets once they’ve discovered the comfort and benefits.