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Picopresso Portable Espresso Machine

The ultimate hand-powered portable espresso machine, extract barista-quality coffee from a refined and compact device in the palm of your hand
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The ultimate hand-powered portable espresso machine, extract barista-quality coffee from a refined and compact device in the palm of your hand

This latest offering from portable coffee machine gurus Wacaco takes coffee extraction to the next level. With a significant upgrade to their hand-powered pump system, the Picopresso sets the bar (18 bars to be precise) when it comes to espressos at home or on adventures.

This compact machine is only 10.5cms in height and weighs just 350g, but it is built like a tank from robust materials with precision components and can pour an espresso shot better than any non-commercial coffee maker we’ve ever tried. This is a pro-level coffee maker that enables you to produce creamy shots with dense flavours and deep aromas that were once reserved only for bulky and heavy counter-top coffee presses.

The process of extracting your perfect shot takes around is fast and incredibly simple – fill the basket with ground coffee, tamp it down, fill it with boiling water, press the pump to build up the pressure and watch your coffee drip out of the naked portafilter into your chosen receptacle.

The wide 52mm wide stainless-steel basket with a capacity of 18g and 80ml water tank capacity allows the barista to brew a double shot with each extraction. The Picopresso builds up a pressure of 261 PSI (18 bars) with only a few pumps, giving the perfect amount of push for a refined extraction.

Whilst this is an easy-to-use instrument, it gives the possibility of refining flavours based on the care and attention you put into it. This is a professional-level piece of equipment, so you can select your preferred beans, find the perfect grind setting, water temperature and extraction speed to perfect your espresso.

This ingenious piece of kit comes with a 2 year warranty.

Key Features:
- Most refined portable, hand-powered espresso machine available
- Easy to use, but multiple levels of skill to consistently improve your technique
- Includes refined and robust made-to-measure zip up carry case
- Compact, lightweight and easy to transport
- Built like a tank with robust and refined materials and precision components
- 18 (261 PSI) bar pressure for perfect extraction
- Water capacity of 80ml for a double shot
- Naked portafilter and extra wide stainless-steel basket
- Holds up to 18g of coffee
- Package includes: Picopresso, double filter basket, tamper, scoop, brush, distribution tool, funnel, protective case, instruction book (multi-language), warranty card and sticker

- Materials: PBT, PP and stainless steel. 100% BPA free. (Complies with major safety approvals regarding food contact materials)
- Care instruction: not dishwasher or microwave safe, easy to clean by rinsing with water
- Dimensions: 10.6cm x 7.8cm x 7.2cm (box: 23 x 18.4 x 11.8)
- Weight: 350 grams