Wagon Surf Adventures – The Ultimate Van Holiday

Wagon Surf Adventures – The Ultimate Van Holiday
01/08/2016 Isabelle

Wagon Surf Adventures – The Ultimate Van Holiday

Van life symbolises a freedom that can be hard to find for anyone with an actual job. And whilst the thought of just packing up some things in a van and heading off into the sunset in search of adventure seems like a perfect idea on a Tuesday morning, by the time Friday rolls around and the weekend is upon us… Well, having a job and roof over your head is not too bad. Thankfully Wagon Surf Adventures are here to offer a taste of Van Life without the whole “chuck in your job” fiasco.  All the freedom of the road, but your current life to return to – if you still want it after a week of nomadic bliss!

It all started, as many great things do. from the personal experience of having travelled the European coast, surfing the winter season in a camper van. Matt G (founder of Wagon Surf Adventures) got to know the superb coastlines of Atlantic Europe on a series of surf trips. Whilst waking up next to the surf and being first to paddle out was an incredible experience, he had to fund it!  This meant working in hostels and surf lodges to make ends meet.

It took a spark of inspiration for him to realise that he could offer the same comfort as most hostels but with the additional luxury of flexibility in a van! Those Wagon Surf Adventures was born through a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. Now a 7.5 ton truck houses the ultimate adventure surf mobile.




To keep the experience affordable and open to almost anyone they have developed some really flexible pricing options including:

SURFCATION: if you’re looking to join Wagon Surf on your own, or as a small group that doesn’t require exclusive use of the Wagon, this is the best option for you.  320 euros/week per person

GROUP EXCLUSIVE: if you want to have exclusive use of of the Wagon and Wagon Surf’s services, this is the one for you.  Since you’ll have exclusive access to the truck, you can decide what Wagon Surf do and where they go.  You may even want to use the Wagon for a climbing, kite surfing or sight-seeing trip:  the choice is yours! euros 1820/week.

FLEXITRIP: If you’re not able to commit to a full week with Wagon Surf, the Flexitrip allows you to book a day at a time.  euros 50/day per person.

TRADER: Skint, but desperate to get out and join Wagon Surf? If you’ve got a skill or service that may be of use to Wagon Surf, why not see if  they’re willing to make a trade?

We love the concept and that it’s an affordable options to trial your dream escape before taking the full-time plunge into van life.

Check out these pics below for further inspiration,

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